Clean Energy Improvement Program

Improve comfort and save energy with a different kind of financing, for renovation projects that make a difference.

Lower your utility bill, make your property more comfortable, and enhance your property value. Invest in energy efficiency or renewable energy upgrades with the Clean Energy Improvement Program. It’s an affordable, flexible, and streamlined approach to financing.

The Town of Rocky Mountain House and Town of Devon are now accepting Pre-Qualification applications.

The City of Edmonton is expected to begin application intake in early 2022.

Financing your upgrades with CEIP makes sense

Alberta’s Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) provides financing to residential and commercial property owners to make energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades more affordable.

This innovative financing approach, also known as Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), is garnering successful results in municipalities across Canada. Alberta municipalities must past a bylaw and choose to implement the program; property owners located in these municipalities can choose to apply.

In Alberta, CEIP offers competitive financing to cover up to 100 per cent of project costs and makes repayment convenient through your property’s regular tax bill.


CEIP offers competitive rates with long repayment terms available (up to 20 to 25 years depending on the project type and participating municipality’s terms and conditions), and can be repaid at any time.

Happier owners

Energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades help decrease energy use and increase the comfort of the property. CEIP requires all eligible upgrades be installed using a Qualified Contractor.

Tied to the property, not to you

This type of financing is tied to the property, not the property owner. If the property is sold, the new owner can assume repayment (and enjoys the benefits!). In certain circumstances (like a condition of sale) you may need to pay off the balance owing at the time of sale.

How CEIP works for residential property owners

CEIP is a new way to finance energy efficiency upgrades or renewable energy installations. Property owners can finance projects with a competitive interest rate, repayment terms of up to 20 to 25 years (depending on the type of upgrade and participating municipality’s terms and conditions), and have the option to pay the project off at any time. Repayment is made through their regular property tax bill.

What separates CEIP from other financial products: the project financing is tied to the property, not the property owner.

CEIP is delivered by the Alberta Municipal Services Corporation (AMSC) in partnership with municipalities across Alberta.

  1. Pre-qualifyComplete and submit the Pre-Qualification Form. This is available for property owners in participating municipalities.
  2. Project ApplicationOnce pre-qualified, complete your EnerGuide Home Evaluation and with report in-hand choose your upgrades. Select a Qualified Contractor from our directory, getting at least three quotes. Complete and submit the Project Application Form and required supporting documents.
  3. AgreementsOnce your project is approved, sign the Clean Energy Improvement Agreement and the Project Agreement.
  4. InstallationYour Qualified Contractor will install your upgrades. Complete and submit an Upgrade Completion Form with required supporting documents. Then you will complete a post-project EnerGuide Home Evaluation.
  5. RepaymentOnce approved, we will pay your contractor. You’ll see the total project cost added to your property’s tax bill.

Discover all eligible residential upgrades

Lower your utility bill, make your property more comfortable, and enhance your property’s value. Invest in a wide range of energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades – now more affordable thanks to the flexible financing of CEIP.

Eligible residential upgrade categories include:

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Warm in the winter, cool in the summer. The right upgrades can help your home be more comfortable and save you energy.

Renewable Energy, Solar PV & Thermal

Produce your own energy with a solar PV system, store it with battery energy storage and heat your water – all with the power of the sun.


Decrease your home’s energy usage by upgrading your lighting fixtures. Choose from a wide range of energy-efficient options.

Water Heating

Heat up your water, not your energy bills. Upgrade your water heater and add a drain water heat recovery system.

Doors, Windows, Insulation & Air Sealing

Feeling drafty? Upgrading your attic and wall insulation, windows and air sealing will help.

Where is CEIP offered?


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